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Dimensions (mm)

1200 x 600       £16

1000 x 1000     £18

1000 x 1500     £20

2000 x 1000     £40

2000 x 1500     £43

3000 x 1000     £55

3000 x 1500     £60

4000 x 1000     £70

4000 x 1500     £80

Super smooth 440gsm PVC banner PVC. Designed for internal and external use. Roll width of 1600mm.

Banners are an excellent low-cost form of advertising. Helping promote and display, events, schools, company’s logo, promotion, team, new/existing business or an occasion. Celebrating a birthday, wedding, new born child or a holiday. Flexible as well as portable material you can take vinyl banners just about anywhere. Vinyl banners are commonly seen as advertisement, table banners, trade show banners, building banners, street banners, festival banners, as well as at stadiums.

Made from heavy duty, reinforced banner grade PVC and finished with hem & eyelets (optional). All PVC banners are supplied with a high quality 100% client satisfaction, full digital colour print.

Suitable for use both outdoors and indoors.

Hems: the most common form of finishing for vinyl banners. Hems allow for the more secure insertion of grommets/eyelets which allow the banner to be securely fixed or hung.


Eyelets: (or grommets) are small metal rings secured into the banner hem which allows rope, clips, cable tie, bungee cord or washers and screws to be attached to the banner to aid fixing.


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